Race Results I-35 Speedway – Sat Aug 17, 2013

After several hours or trial and error we finally got the HIGH fuel pressure mystery solved. I had to re-route the return line from the injectors to the tank. I blocked off the return that is in the motorcycle injection fuel rail. I teed off into the line from the pump to the injectors back thru the fuel regulator. That solved the problem. Obviously alcohol had finally corroded the preset regulator in the fuel rail and it was not working. The fuel pressure gauge should be buy Bactrim antibiotic online of fuel pressure. When I started working on it on Monday it read 100 lbs and it was increasing every time I ran the engine. Now we are back to 53 lbs. This fuel problem has been going on for a while. Now with the new engine in the car, I need to take it back down and have it dynoed to get the max hp/torque from adjusting the fuel curve and fuel pressure.

Mike Trent was the driver for the evening. As far as the chassis last nite, Mike said it was handling really well and with a lot of moisture in the track traction wasn’t a problem. Some areas on the track were wet slick and others tacky. We were as fast as the 1st and 2nd place cars, but just wasn’t able to make the pass. The top 5 or 6 cars are really evenly matched so a lot of times where you start is where you finish. Mike says it would be nice to start from the front row. He doesn’t think they could have passed him if he had gotten by them or started on the front row.
Heat 1

1st       01       Bobby Layne            KC, MO

2nd      10       Ken Brown               Grand Island, NE

3rd         7       Ken Billings             KC, MO

4th       12b    Rick Baxter               Nausha, IA

5th       13      Luke McGee              Eldorado Springs, MO

6th       10b    Luke Baxter               Nausha, IA



1st      71      Tony Layne                KC, MO

2nd     49     Mike Trent                  Rocheport, MO

3rd     51k    M K Billings               KC, MO

4th     53      Greg Black                 Des Moines, IA

5th     09w   Willie Wilkinson        Kearney, MO

6th   b20      Tom Brown                Lincoln, NE


Feature                                       Start Pos.

1st     01       Bobby Layne                1

2n      71      Tony Layne                   2

3rd     49      Mike Trent                     3

4th     51k    M K Billings                  6

5th     10       Ken Brown                   3

6th     10b     Luke Baxter                  9

7th     12b     Rick Baxter                 11

8th       7       Ken Billings                  5

9th     09w    Willie Wilkinson         10

10th   53      Greg Black                     8

11th   13       Luke McGee                  9