Race results Aug 30, 2013 Valley Speedway

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Liquid & Powdercoat Finishes of KC


Race Results

Fri August 30, 2013


Valley Speedway

 Grain Valley, MO


Valley Speedway hosted the 25th year Anniversary Race of The Liquid and Powdercoat Finishes of KC Midwest Lightning Sprints.  It was also the John Heffernon Jr Memorial.  There was a good enthusiastic crowd in the stands.  The race track was prepared well and the drivers were chomping at the bit to get to racing.  A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for 2013, Liquid and Powdercoat Finishes, McCarthy Chevrolet, Aeromotive, Layne Machine, Rod End Supply and Adams & Eaton Concrete Pumping.


Heat 1

1st       b20    Tom Brown              Lincoln, NE

2nd      49      Mike Trent               Rocheport, MO

3rd        4      Beau Heavelow        Independence, MO

4th      60e     Mark Billings           ColumbiaMO

5th      z8       Zach Morehead        Blue Springs, MO

6th      48m    Rick Murcko            Iola, KS

7th      86       Andy Bradley           Bloomington, IN

8th      53       Greg Black               Des Moines, IA

Tom and Greg brought the field down for the green.  Greg had mechanical problems coming out of turn 2 and pulled into the infield in turn 4.  Andy also had mechanical problems and turned to the infield. Mike would chase Tom with Beau and Mark battling for the 3rd spot. Beau and Mark would have a great battle back and forth for the position.  Mike could not gain any ground on Tom.  Tom would take the win, Mike 2nd and Beau would win his battle with Mark taking 3rd.

Heat 2

1st      39      Damon Fortune         Terre Haute, IN

2nd     10      Drew Dorsett             Monrovia, IN

3rd      44     Don Harvey               Milford, NY

4th      71      Tony Layne              KC, MO

5th      19      Barry Lamb              Iola, KS

6th      15      Merrill Lamb            Iola, KS

7th      15h     Tony Hudlin            Yates Center, KS

46 Dusty MurrayTopeka, KS did not start

Damon and Drew brought the field down.  Damon would take command and the lead.  Drew gave chase.  Tony and Merrill would battle for 3rd.  Don would be waiting on an opening.  Damon continued to lead with Drew right after him. Don would pick off Merrill and then work on Tony.  The top 2 spots remained unchanged, Don had now gotten by Tony.  Damon would take the win, Drew 2nd and Don 3rd.


Feature                                   Start Pos.

1st     44      Don Harvey                (6)

2n       4      Beau Heavelow           (5)

3rd    60e    Mark Billings              (3)

4th     49      Mike Trent                 (7)

5th     10      Drew Dorsett             (8)

6th     71      Tony Layne               (4)

7th      86     Andy Bradley           (13)

8th      39     Damon Fortune        (10)

9th        15      Merrill Lamb           (12)

10th    53     Greg Black               (15)

11th    z8      Zach Morehead         (1)

12th   48m    Rick Murcko           (11)

13th   15h     Tony Hudlin            (14)

14th   19       Barry Lamb              (2)

15th    b20     Tom Brown              (9)

46 Dusty Murray did not start.

On the green flag, Zach and Barry raced from the front row.  The rest of the field was fighting for position. Don had started his movement to the front.  Lap 4 Tom got upside down in turn 4.  He was taken to the hospital with a back injury.  When the race resumed, Mark was leading with Beau on his bumper.  Don was running third with Tony and Zach fighting for 4th and 5th with Mike on the move.  Don would take care of Vardenafil on the next lap he would take the lead from Mark. Tony and Mike had gotten by Zach and were chasing the others.  There was a lot of racing back thru the field.  Mark and Beau would battle for the runner up spot.  Beau would finally make the pass of Mark.  Mike would get by Tony for 4th.  Don would take the 25th Year Anniversary Race Win.  Beau 2nd, Mark 3rd,  Mike 4th and Drew 5th.


Don was awarded the Trophy and the check for $ 750.  Don also was given a Seiko watch courtesy of Gary Joslyn of Joslyn Jewelry.  Engler Tool and Machine gave $100 for the Hard Charger Award and it was given to Andy Bradley.


The Midwest Lighting Sprints next race is on Sat nite Sept 14th at I-35 Speedway in Winston, MO.  The racing in the Liquid & Powdercoat Finishes Midwest Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive.  With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car.  These cars are 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.  New drivers/cars are coming out each week.  We have drivers that have purchased new cars and have their good used cars for sale. Contact the midwestlightning sprints.com for info.

Bob Douglascar9-2