Liquid & Powdercoat Finishes of KC MIDWEST LIGHTNING SPRINTS Race Results Sat May 24, 2014

Rain threatened the entire day so car count was lower than what we had planned.  Mike drove the car several times last year with a feature best finish of 3rd.  The track still had moisture in it for our heats, even after a makeup A mod feature and several heats.  Mike had no trouble with the heat race win.  He started on the front row and won by a full straightaway.

The track was really getting dry slick after the heats and 2 features.  We set the car up for a dry slick track, BUT Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade.  She drizzled on the us for about 10 minutes.  The pack truck and B mods would re pack the track trying to keep the moisture making it un-raceable.  Thinking that the surface would be wet slick and the surface would “blow off” after a few laps we left the set up as was.

Mike had no problem with Bobby on the start and made a pass on the outside thru turn 1.  We jumped out to a 5 car lead even though the extra moisture soaked in and made a tacky track, and we now had that dreaded push that we had earlier in the evening.  MK Billings had hit the setup perfect and after he caught us he just motored on around and jumped out to about a 5 car length lead.  When we had the restart, Mike moved the wing forward to try and take some of the push out of the car.  Bobby did get by him on the restart, but Mike moved higher on the track to help with the push and found that the car really liked it up there.  He caught Bobby and passed him on the outside coming out of turn 2 and down the backstretch.  He was a lot faster now that he had moved up the race track, but by the time he had cleared Bobby, MK was gone.

Next week we will be at Central MO Speedway just North of Warrensburg, MO.  Track is about the same size as I-35 but shorter straightaways and more sweeping turns.  Mike will be the shoe again and we will try a couple of new set ups to get that 1st win of the season.  Should have a big turn out next week as long as weather forecast calls for sunny and no rain.


Liquid & Powdercoat Finishes of KC MIDWEST LIGHTNING SPRINTS

Race Results Sat May 24, 2014

I-35 Speedway

 Winston, MO


The Liquid and Powdercoat Finishes of KC Midwest Lightning Sprints were at I-35 Speedway on Sat nite.  Rain had threatened the racing the entire day, but so far no rain.  A BIG thank you goes out to our sponsors for 2013, Liquid and Powdercoat Finishes, Adams & Eaton Concrete Pumping, Layne Machine and Rod End Supply.


Heat 1

1st       01       Bobby Layne            KC, MO

2nd     51k      M K Billings             KC, MO

3rd       81       A.J. Tice  (R)           KC, MO

4th       53       Greg Black               Des Moines, IA

5th       99c      Chet Yates  (R)        Cameron, MO

19  Paden Moreland (R)  Bethany  DNS

MK would take the lead from his front row starting spot, but Bobby would pull alongside down the back stretch.  These two cars would side by side for 3 laps until Bobby would finally be able to pull ahead.  Greg would be running 3rd with AJ right on his bumper.  Bobby and MK would continue to battle for the top spot, but Bobby would prevail taking the win, MK 2nd and AJ 3rd.


    HEAT 2

1st     49       Mike Trent                 Rocheport, MO

2nd    46m    Dusty Murray             Topeka, KS

3rd    13       Luke McGee               Eldorado Springs, MO

4th     71       Tony Layne                KC, MO

5th     09w   Willie Wilkinson        Kearney, MO

Mike would take the lead on the first lap with Willie, Dusty and Tony right behind.  Mike would stretch the lead out with Dusty taking over 2nd and giving chase.  Luke had gotten by Tony and was right with Dusty.  Mike would continue to lead taking the win, with Dusty holding off Luke for 2nd and Luke 3rd.


Feature                      Start Pos.

1st      51       Mark K Billings           3

2n      49      Mike Trent                    2

3rd     01       Bobby Layne               1

4th     46m    Dusty Murray               4

5th     13       Luke McGee                6

6th     81      A.J. Tice                       8

7th     71      Tony Layne                   7

8th     09w   Willie Wilkinson            10

9th     53      Greg Black                    5

10th   99c     Chet Yates                   9

19    Paden Moreland          did not start


Bobby and Mike brought the field to the green.  Bobby would take the lead into turn one.  Mike would take the lead down the back stretch.  Dusty and MK was right behind them.

Greg, Luke, Tony and AJ were all trying to get to the front.  Mike would gain 4 car lengths on Bobby.  MK had now gotten by Dusty and was on the move.  Mike would still be leading 5 laps in, but MK had made quick work of Bobby and now was coming to the front.  Dusty and Luke were battling for the 4th spot.  MK would catch Mike and make his pass after a short battle.  Bobby was 3rd and Dusty 4th.  A yellow for a stalled Greg would bunch the field back.  On the restart, MK would stay in the lead, but Bobby would take over 2nd, Mike 3rd and Dusty 4th.  Bobby and Mike would battle for the runner up spot.  Mike would take over 2nd with an outside pass down the backstretch.  MK would take a convincing win, Mike 2nd, Bobby 3rd, Dusty 4th and Luke 5th.

The Lighting Sprints next race is on Sat nite May 31st  at CMS Speedway in Warrensburg, MO.  Make plans to come out and watch the Liquid & Powder Coat Finishes Midwest Lightning Sprints squirt the dirt.

The racing in the Liquid & Powdercoat Finishes Midwest Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive.  With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car.  These cars are 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.  New drivers/cars are coming out each week.  We have drivers that have purchased new cars and have their good used cars for sale. Contact the MLS for info.